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“Donna Greene’s blues are dry martini blues. She sings with a lotta swagger, a dash of sauce and a cool retro vibe. She’d have been right at home on stage at the Sands of the Rat Pack days or Ciro’s on Sunset Boulevard circa 1948. But, it's 60 years later and Donna’s attitude and energy is totally 21st century. She gives ya masterful singing that’s sensual, emotive, and fun.
    Donna Greene brings just the right feeling to a tune, whether it’s straight ahead blues like “You Can Have My Husband” or a Billie Holiday-era standard like “Comes Love.”
    “A Girl’s Gotta Have A Little Pleasure” is a winner! It’s a superbly-produced treasure highlighting Donna’s pristine singing with the style and punch of The Roadhouse Daddies!”

Nick Gerard, Host of “Nothin’ But the Blues” on KKJZ 88.1 FM Los Angeles and

“Great bluesy voice... Jeannie Cheatham, look out! Have already played tracks on air.”
Tommy Saville, BBC Radio Nottingham

“With an ensemble that includes fine piano, understated guitar, and classy trumpet and sax, Donna Greene & The Roadhouse Daddies have the basis to do justice to standards ‘Lover Man’ and ‘Baby Get Lost’ and the zip to pull off rocking chestnuts ‘Mess Around’ and ‘You Can Have My Husband.’ Originals ‘Shoe Boy’ and the title track to “A Girl’s Gotta Have a Little Pleasure” (Dixie Blue Records) swing and jump, respectively. An impressive singer, the sultry Greene more than holds her own in present — and historial — company. The mid-set pair ‘Double Crossing Blues’ and ‘Love Make a Fool of Me’ showcase her blues-and-ballad technique. Wonderful!”
Tom Hyslop, Blues Review Magazine, Issue 115, Dec 08/Jan 09

“You could melt an iceberg with that voice.”
Scott Mann, WAVE 104.1, Myrtle Beach, SC

“I'm thrilled with this album. I just wish I'd known about it in April of '08. But as they say, better late than never. As of Monday morning, WHLI will add to its regular playlist the title tune as well as Baby Get Lost, Double Crossing Blues, Love Make A Fool Of Me, and You Can Have My Husband. I knew from the first few seconds into this CD I was in for a treat and it didn't disappoint. Great work. I congratulate you and The Daddies.”
Paul Richards, Program Director, WHLI, Long Island, NY

“All I can say is WOW. What a voice you have. This CD is incredible. Donna, what ever you're doing don't stop doing it. I listen to a lot of music and don't get overly excited but your disc just knocked me out. You have a tremendous talent and if you ever get down to the Hilton Head/Savannah area of the country, I will be sitting in the first row or two. It's a concert I would not miss.”
Barry Rosen, 90.3 WHCJ-FM The Voice of Savannah State Radio, Savannah, GA

“Oh yes. Oh, YES!
Vibrant, dynamic, delightful listening.
A hit on the show!”

Tony Wickham, Host of “Jazz World with Tony Wickham” on Radio Maldwyn (UK)

“The phones lit up like a Christmas tree when I first aired the CD! I know that it's gonna get ALOT of spins. Awesome songwriting, amazing vocals, tight band; makes for some of the best ear candy to come out of my speakers this year. And Ms. Greene is very easy on the eyes!”
Mike Flowers, Producer of “Mystic Mile” on KZUM 89.3 Lincoln, NE

“Great CD. It’s a long time since we have received such a good album. Very good voice. Perfect bunch of musicians. We fell in love with her, too. This album is worth every penny.”
Harry Boerman, Veluwe FM, Zutphen, Netherlands

“Now this CD gave me a lot of pleasure and will probably do the same for many readers. Out of California, singer Donna and her guys The Roadhouse Daddies present a very fine set of jump, jive and jazz. Donna’s got a big, flexible voice, and the band excels at that ‘small combo but big band sound’ – I checked several times whilst playing this CD, but yes, it’s only sax and trumpet. There are several jazz standards, some very nice blues (even an impressive cover of Johnny Otis’s ‘Double Crossing Blues’), and a rather salacious ‘Shoe Boy.’ Guitarist (and co-producer) Greg Loeb is a perfect foil for Donna, and the big, crisp production ensures that this set is a definite winner. Donna and band are certainly an act to look out for.”
Norman Darwen, Blues & Rhythm Magazine, Issue 235 (UK)

“I listened to your album and I love it. You have an impeccable vocal technique, a natural swing, a delicious voice, it's a great pleasure to hear you. Really, in my opinion, a splendid album.”
Serge Warin, Host of “Canal Blues” on Radio Canal Bleu, Objat, France

“I loved your cd and have played all the tracks on the show over the last two months. If you have any more material/live shows, I would love a copy. Thank you again for the truly delightful/sensuous music.”
Kevin Sullivan, CIMR Radio, Dublin, Ireland

“A clever, endearing and much appreciated CD that is on rotation. Give us some more!”
Tony Bates, Highlands 100.7FM, Victoria, Australia

“Keep up the excellent've got the goods to go the distance! WOOFFF!”
James ‘The Blues Hound’ Nagel, KPFT FM, Texas City, Texas

“Many sincere thanks for the CD. BRILLIANT - EXCELLENT! We have enjoyed it immensely, and have added tracks from it to our playlists. Your presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing. Keep it up.”
Graham J. Barclay, Soundwave FM, Napier, New Zealand

“Great work on this disc that is a pleasure to listen to and play. You're sassy and we love it.”
George Young, Country Club Productions Pty Ltd, Prospect, Australia

“Donna Greene brings you into her world of smooth swing blues with a touch of jazzy vibes. A charismatic voice that brings positive feel great after listening to this sensuous, laid back album.”
Aldo Druda, Host of "Emotion Blues" on CFID 103.7 FM, Acton Vale, Quebec, Canada

“Donna Greene’s album A Girl’s Gotta Have a Little Pleasure is as smooth as a good cup of coffee and as potent as a bourbon chaser.”
Leo Schumaker, Host of “Bluesland” on KCSB 91.9 FM Santa Barbara

“California rhythm ’n blues act Donna Greene & The Roadhouse Daddies offer their first self produced album with plenty of 1940’s-1950’s nostalgia and some moderately well known standards. The results however are delightfully refreshing, versatile and above all, entertaining.
    “Lady Blue” Greene, a native of Santa Barbara, CA and The Roadhouse Daddies led by guitarist Greg “Snoots Noodlemeyer” Loeb crossed paths presumably only a few years ago. In any case, the teamwork between the able vocalist and the experienced backing group has proved to work out quite well, and they don’t have much trouble with giving credible interpretations to such challenging evergreens as Dinah Washington’s “Baby Get Lost” or Billie Holiday’s “Comes Love” or “Lover Man.”
    Delightfully, the CD contains a couple of congenial romantic-tempered jazzy blues covers from younger sources as well: Paul Rishell’s “Blues On A Holiday” (written originally in the early 1990’s for his eponymous debut LP) gets a nice rendition reminding me a little bit of Norah Jones’ style. Also, the restrainedly entertaining jazz tune “Love Make A Fool Of Me” written by NRBQ guitarist Al Anderson and the Nashville songwriter Bob DiPiero must be one of the most beautiful performances of the whole album. Also “Shoe Boy” written by Greene and Loeb themselves represents good-humoured night club swing with the addition of suitable harmony vocal parts.
    The brisky jump rhythm ’n blues theme song “A Girl’s Gotta Have A Little Pleasure,” once again written by the leading couple, quickens the package nicely. Other great uptempo tracks are e.g. Irma Thomas’ seductive ”You Can Have My Husband” and Ray Charles’ classic ”Mess Around.” The old r&b chart topper “Double Crossing Blues” features guitarist and producer Greg Loeb as a duet (and spoken) partner. “Same Old Blues,” familiar from Freddie King’s repertoire is, along with the previously mentioned, the most “old-school” styled blues sides on the album. The sensitive final track is “Autumn Leaves,” this time accompanied only by guitar.
    A successful debut release from the singer, who by all accounts, seems to be at the moment far from a first timer as a performer. Just wondering where she’s been kept hidden for all these years?”

Pete Hoppula, Blues News Magazine, Issue 234, Dec 08 (Finland)

“What a voice, Madame. Some sweetness in a hard world. Thank you.”
César Sezer, Host of “Biker Street” on Radio Coteaux, St. Blancard, France

“The weather is sad today but your voice has brought the sun to me.”
Michel Filiod, Host of "Boomerang" on Radio Canut, Lyon, France

“Donna Greene's singing voice is so romantic sounding so good, with a little bit of jazz in it. This is a voice that suits the music on “A Girls’ Gotta Have a Little Pleasure” perfectly. The album brings to my mind the feel of those late night concerts in steamy jazz clubs you can see in the movies... The rhythm is tight, horn riffs are punchy and guitar fills are always tasty.”
Przemek Draheim, Polish Blues Radio Host,

“Wow, what a bluesy, soulful, swingin’ set of jazz-tinged, horn-powered songs. The entire CD just blew me away! If I had three thumbs, I’d give it three thumbs up.”
Jimmy C., Blues Musician

“After setting the scene with the Dinah Washington-styled big band Blues of ‘Baby Get Lost,’ the listener expects big things from the sultry and sassy Ms. Greene and band - but then proceedings stray into singer/songwriter territory on the next number. This is only a temporary aberration, though, as the jazz standard ‘Comes Love’ gets a Bluesy treatment, with a nasty sounding trumpet (that’s a compliment, by the way) and Greg Loeb’s lead guitar work beautifully complementing the vocals - as it does throughout the CD. The remainder of this excellent recording neatly treads that fine line between blues and jazz, and should satisfy followers of both genres. Highlights include an excellent cover of the Johnny Otis/Little Esther hit ‘Double Crossing Blues,’ the flirty, jazzy title track, the cool and naughty ‘Shoe Boy’ and a lively cover of Ray Charles’ ‘Mess Around.’ Well worth checking out in other words.”
Norman Darwen, Blues Matters! Issue 46, Nov 2008-Jan 2009 (UK)

“According to accounts, the US/American Donna Greene broke out of her protected middle class existence and became ‘Lady Blue,’ a woman who decided on a life as a singer and found, with a shot of sexy playfulness in her voice, a musical home in blues and jazz. Now she presents A Girl's Gotta Have A Little Pleasure, a debut album, whose song material has clear roots in the forties of the last century. She is accompanied by the Roadhouse Daddies, high-caliber instrumentalists from the California music scene under the direction of guitarist Greg Loeb, together with whom Greene is responsible for writing two of the total of twelve tracks of the CD. Musically the songs offer a mix of ballads and swingy uptempo numbers which come with full horn sections. The fact that Billie Holiday is, among others, one of her models becomes clear, as Greene performs the titles "Comes Love" and "Lover Man." But R&B classics, like the Ray Charles number ‘Mess Around,’ also belong to her repertoire. And at the end there is a live version of the jazz standard ‘Autumn Leaves’ which the Lady performs merely with the accompaniment of Loeb's guitar.”
Michael Seiz, BluesNews Magazine November 2008 (Germany)

“I have just listened to your CD “A Girl's Gotta have A Little Pleasure” and thought straightaway, “Why would anybody need a review of this CD.” All l could think of was, “This is an absolutely perfect example of how to sing the blues; beautiful, exquisite, brilliant, wonderful, sublime, sophisticated...” sorry, running out of words.
    To me, you channeled Little Esther, (love “Double Crossing Blues”... Esther and Billy Ward’s Dominos plus Johny Otis would be so impressed), with some Mickey Champion added to your inimitable style that exudes pure sass. The choice of material is perfect for you and your wonderful Roadhouse Daddies. I’m so impressed that l have included this weeks station Tip-Sheet mail-out to the industry and the press here. Everybody will join with me calling for an encore, without a doubt.
    Whether it is a smoldering Blues or Jump R&B, there is aural perfection for us the listener. As I said, I have no complaints other than we have not heard of “Donna Greene & The Roadhouse Daddies” before now. Our audiences are going to instantly take you guys into their hearts and want to hear more.
    Hey Donna, keep the music coming. The world needs true sass back in music rather than navel-showing babes who, without a video, can’t sing to save themselves.
    So about my thoughts...mmmmhhh, tough as l am listening to Ray Charles’s Mess Around, just let me groove a bit... okay, what was l doing... sorry just going back to play “The Mess Around” again. Okay, l had better finish what l was doing for you or this will take forever.
    My opinion is HELL YES! THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE RELEASES FOR THE YEAR!!! As l listened more and more, l was instantly thinking of just how lucky we are that we have your music. Here in Melbourne, Blues and Jazz have a very big audience and his CD will be eagerly listened to. You have brought a freshness back to the Blues/Jazz idiom that had seemed to be lost under big guitar solos and blurring of just what makes up Roots/Jazz/Blues music. You are a wonderful lyricist (certainly impressed by your compositions Donna), singer and front person for a wonderful band. From one track to the next the interest grows as does the satisfaction and the smile on the face, with each and every song urging the listener to go back and replay the track again and again. Thankfully, we will now remedy the fact that Melbourne had not heard of you. This is where you will be going and knowing the audiences, they will embrace you heatedly as l have. Congratulations on a wonderful CD.”

Peter Merrett, PBS 106-7FM, Melbourne, Australia

“Fantastic album. Great stuff for our Radio Station.”
Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio, en Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands

“Excellent disc. Gets heaps of airplay.”
David McCrory, 2NVR 105.9fm/2bbb 93.3fm, New South Wales, Australia

“Blues and jazz all in one package. Looking to get lots of airplay on this album! The title song is fantastic, and "Baby Get Lost" is the best heard since Dana Owen’s version.”
Ralph Bennett, KSRQ Minnesota

“A Girl’s Gotta Have a Little Pleasure” The set of songs on this release gave me just that a whole lotta pleasurable listening. “Baby Get Lost” is a great intro to what was to follow. And finishing with “Autumn Leaves,” forget about the genre this one is filed under (Jazz) It’s wonderful listening and well produced. For Jazz radio programs around the world get on board.”
Raymond Phillips, OKR97.1 FM, Melbourne, Australia

“‘A Girl’s Gotta Have A Little Pleasure’ is the first disc of Donna Greene & The Roadhouse Daddies. Donna is based in Santa Barbara, California and offers us some stylish music, from a base of blues, jazz, and rhythm & blues. This clear-voiced singer is richly surrounded here. Her accompanyists, which include plenty of brass and piano, are outstanding. Classy!”
Luc Brunot, « Dixie Rock » on RCF Corrèze (Ussel 102 / Brive 91.4 / Tulle 106.9 / Argentat 89.3) « All Blues » on RCF Corrèze (Ussel 102 / Brive 91.4 / Tulle 106.9 / Argentat 89.3), on RCF Accords (Angoulême 96.8 / Cognac 89.9 / Confolens 95.4 / Charente Limousine 104.1 / Chalais 96.9 / Ruffec 95.4) and on RCF Puy de Dôme (Clermont-Ferrand 91.6 / Thiers 84.4 / Ambert 101.5 / Issoire 89.1 / Combrailles 103.1 / La Bourboule et le Mont-Dore 91.7) « Radio Blues Intense » & « Sweet Home RBA! » on RBA FM Auvergne Limousin (104.4 / 98.2), France

“A great album with different styles, sometimes it will shivers you. Donna Greene brings the song on her album ‘A Girl’s Gotta Have a Little Pleasure’ with a great pleasure and a great feeling. It doesn’t matter which song you play. They are all special. The old blues in a new inspiration. Not only will a girl have pleasure when you listen to this album, but everyone.”
Jan Nederveen, Radio 794, Veessen, Netherlands

“Some of my listeners have phoned the station to say that they love your music!”
Serge Warin, Radio Canal Bleu, Objat, France

“1000 thanks for your album... it is very very good... and all my friends of COLLECTIF DES RADIOS BLUES are very satisfied by your send... I have read very good critiques by them on our forum and normally, you will receive much play-lists of friends DJ members of C.R.B. this month.”
Michel Faton, Cross'Blues, Gap, France

“The hearty-voiced and expressively bluesy Donna Greene, “Lady Blue,” and her Roadhouse Daddies are a barrel of fun, much in the same vein as the popular, contemporaneous Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers. Greene’s small combo music, as Smith’s, is a throwback to an era (the Great Depression and World War II) when one often looked for joyful diversions from everyday life where one could find them. Music of the time — via radio, records as well as in-person performances — played a large role in serving that purpose. Reflectively so, if you enjoy the vocal styles of Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee and the later-day Etta James, you are bound to find an affinity in that of Greene with her Roadhouse Daddies.”
Russell Arthur Roberts, Jazz Journalist


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